Medicare Planning
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Medicare Planning

During our working years, we usually get health insurance through our employer, and the decisions are relatively straightforward. However, once we approach age 65, we are bombarded with brochures and solicitations that introduce us to the wild and wooly world of:

  • Medicare supplements
  • Medicare Part D
  • Medicare Advantages

What makes sense for you, now? What are the tradeoffs of each plan, and what do you really need to know to make a wise decision. Like many other health care decisions, the stakes can be high.

The wrong decision can be not only frustration but costly. For years, David and Mark Landwehr have conducted information programs to help Medicare beneficiaries make informed decisions. Some of the leading employers and institutions in Kansas have invited us to speak to their employees, retirees, and customers about the topic of Medicare planning. At LT Care Solutions, we have developed proprietary tools – including a prescription drug worksheet – that allow us to show you the impacts of one decision vs. another. Based on the medications you take. Based on your personal situation. We look forward to helping you with Medicare planning. Call or email us so that you can get some straight answers now!

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Long Term Care Planning

The topic of long term care planning is both difficult and important. And it can be confusing. Are you wondering:

  • Does the insurance make sense? Is it affordable?
  • What about life insurance with long term care attached to it?
  • Do you understand how VA assistance works, and how that could make a difference?
  • How about Partnership plans.

We understand long term care. In fact, our company founder David Landwehr has been a long term care insurance s specialist since 1992.

David’s mother-in-law (Mark’s grandmother) who had no LTC insurance, moved in with David and his wife, Brenda, for 4 ½ years and 29 surgical operations before she died. David saw first hand the stress and strain failure to plan for LTC created.

David’s mom spent 3 ½ years in an assisted living apartment and one year in a nursing home. Long term care insurance helped pay for both. So, when long term care insurance is available (based on both finances and health), David recommends this coverage. As he has said, “Long term care insurance preserved my family’s harmony and my mom received excellent care.”

David has testified in Topeka before the Kansas Futures Committee as a long term care insurance expert, assisted the Department of Insurance in developing a LTC insurance partnership plan to assist all Kansans, and has had six articles published on the subject of LTC planning. He has worked as a consultant with the Kansas Dept. of Aging on long-term care insurance.

David has helped thousands of people put together their long term care protection plans. He was featured in Via Christi’s Family Health Channel for his long term care expertise. David has developed expertise in VA Pension Planning and Medicare Alternatives as natural overlapping areas of LTC planning. David’s extensive experience, knowledge and sincere interest in his clients make him a great resource on these subjects.
You could say that long term care planning is much more than a product to LT Care Solutions. Our founder David Landwehr’s passionate advocacy to encourage families to do this important planning motivates us every day.

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Veterans Benefits

Long Term Care 4 Veterans is a national public information company. Our personnel have been trained to help Veterans and their Surviving Spouses who may be entitled to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits, particularly a little known improved pension benefit that provides tax-free income to qualified claimants.

We believe that Veterans who served our country during a wartime period, earned and deserve the benefits to which they are entitled. We will meet face to face and assist any Veteran, Surviving Spouse and/or their family representative. We provide guidance and assistance during the assessment phase of the VA application process through the VA accredited attorneys and authorized representatives with whom we work. It is against VA regulations to charge any fee for this service.

Therefore, there is never a charge for this service, neither to the Veteran nor Surviving Spouse, their family members nor any facility in which you might be a resident or patient.

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To merely say “Thank you” doesn’t seem to fully relay just how much we appreciate all of the help you have been with assisting us through the massive amount of VA paperwork for dad… and now mom.  We truly could not have managed it without your help and wise consultation.  Sincerely, Mark & Diana

Mark & Diana
Good presentation of the other options
Carol & Don S

Keep up the good work, I will keep referring clients!

Jim G
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